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Made for everyone

Once upon a time there was a pair. They were unique with mohawks and dreadlocks, hair that's all the colours of the rainbow, tattoos and piercings, mannerisms and actions, attire and everything else!

One day they realised that they were missing something, so the went to the pound and found an incredible floof. She was sad and alone, and raised her paw to them for help from behind the bars. They knew she was the right floof for them and took her home as quickly as they could.

Soon after they wanted to find a sibling for Nitro to be able to play with. They found a kitty sister that also needed some help. They added her to their little family and named her Static.

The 4 of them hopped in their four wheel drive and drove all around Australia exploring, seeing new sights, helping new people, making new friends and having lots of adventures!

Over this time they had their highs and lows, sickness and health, homes and homeless, jobs and jobless, friends and foe, weird and wonderful, and a lot in between. But no matter what life threw at them they got through it together.

They realised that these experiences would make incredible stories and may be able to help out others that didn't fit in to realise that they are not alone!

At just the right time the pair returned and re-connected with a friend. She had her own journey over the years, but one thing that she always loved to do was draw. She had mostly been drawing things for fun and created some incredible pictures and artworks. In time she had hoped to use her skills to create and do something different.

They all realised that they wanted to create something new, something different, something unique, something free from exclusion. So they all decided to work together to form the

Society Of The Perfectly Imperfect

A community where everyone can join in and feel included and represented!

Cartoon picture of Society of the Perfectly Imperfect crew with Lox, Knox, CJ, Nitro and Static
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